Winter Creek QuiltsTM was founded on the notion that anything homemade, from scratch, can be made with the most love and care possible. And that's what our quilts and patterns express.

With a degree in Fine Arts, and a graphic designer by trade, I established Winter Creek Quilts™ to help create these wonderful homemade gifts for others.

I absolutely love fabric and I have a passion for all things visual. Always enjoying crafts and working with my hands, I started quilting six years ago. Quilting is a way that I encorporate my love of design into a tactile and traditional art form. There's nothing quite like the happiness & joy that "giving" a quilt brings to others!

Expression is a gift to be shared, let us at Winter Creek QuiltsTM help you share that gift!

All designs and art work © 2003 Heather Mayoros. All rights reserved.
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